Tailwind at a glance


Tailwind is a new self-coined 'utility-first' CSS library which allows you to do some pretty neat prototyping. I've written some words about what I think of it and how it compares to the other options for styling your modern web applications.


  • Application Styling
  • Utility First
  • Prototyping
  • Thoughtful Systems



  • Ease of use is good for prototyping
  • Intuitive & 'guessable' values


  • ... I love using Tailwind ...
  • ... it is fast and easy to use and lets you get started on visual interfaces very quickly ...
  • ... an interesting alternative to CSS-in-JS libraries which seem to be more aligned with the idea of componentification ...
  • ... The same way that after using vim for a while as a text editor, you start to be able to 'guess' what a command should be. The same way tailwind is able to let you understand the pattern it is based on and the expand and use it. It defined classnames that are what you expect. Not like CSS in general, which is always a bit like playing golf ...